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We Collaborate with You
to Record Epic Music for Your Fans.

E320: About

As an Independent Artist, Creating Content, Fan Funnels,
and a Fan Base can be Tedious.
Recording Epic Music for Them Shouldn't Be.

At E320 we collaborate with you and guide you through the Recording Process

so all you have to worry about is making epic music for your Fans.



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Make a Plan and Send Work Tape

After an initial phone conversation, we will ask you to send your work tape.  Most artists send us a recording of the song with just their voice and a guitar or keyboard, so don't worry if it is rough. We will collaborate with you on your creative vision.


Book Studio Time and Record

After an initial collaborative meeting, we will work with you to book studio time.  During this time, we may be laying down tracks for instruments and vocals depending on time frame and budget.  No worries.  We will have all of this decided together prior to Studio day.

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Plan Release Date

After the Studio day, we will continue to mix and master your song, getting it ready for release to your fans. During this time, you should be planning your release day marketing campaign and date as well as your campaign to support your song release.  When your song is mixed and mastered, we will share it with you in a format that optimizes all streaming and digital platforms.

E320: Who We Are

Think You're Ready to Record?

E320: Text
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Kind Words 

GMA Covenant Award Winner and E320 Producer, David Vest, is committed to collaborating with artists throughout the Recording Process to create epic tunes ready for promotion and release to Fans. Here's what people are saying about David and the E320 Experience.

E320: Testimonials

"In my many decades of working in the studio, I've experienced every level of professionalism, talent and ability.  Working with David Vest is always such a pleasure, not just because he's a genuinely kind and fun friend to be with, but also because of his level of talent.  He knows what he wants, and he knows just how to express it. But he also knows why you're there and what you're capable of  so as to let you shine and follow your instincts.  That makes for a relaxed  enjoyable studio experience. I've yet to hear anything coming out of his studio that didn't sound stellar.

Bob Carlisle, "Butterfly Kisses"

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David Vest

Producer, E320

David Vest began his career in the recording industry as a song writer and session player. Well versed musically, he is fluent on 14 instruments. He has produced and arranged hundreds of projects throughout the years for many successful artist and bands.

 David is an accomplished producer/engineer whose work can be heard around the world on radio and television. He was nominated in 2018 as GMA Covenant Awards Producer of the Year and has worked in the Nashville area most of his professional career. His list of credits include Grammy Winner Bob Carlisle, (Butterfly Kisses) actress Lindsey Lohan, Karen Wheaton, Grammy Winner Tom Hemby, TBN, HBO, Tony Award Winner Daisey Eagan, Brittany Smith,  Graham Ord , Eddie James, Grammy Winner Randy Thomas, award winning jazz guitarist Sam Ahia, and has traveled extensively as a touring musician. 



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